Success is basically composed of two parts: inner and outer. Inner success is all about your happiness, and outer success is about your productivity. But certainly there is a close relationship between the two. If we seem to be successful outside via our productivity, but not happy inside then we cannot call it a success because we don’t really feel it. Therefore, we need to seek for the ways to integrate these two areas.

Personal Wellbeing Meaning

There are a lot of philosophies in order to balance our inner and outer world. While they seem simple, they are usually complicated in today’s life cycle. All of them deals with the concepts like happiness, productivity, or improvement. In the end, all of these depends on one thing which is also integrated in these topics: personal wellbeing. While this notion is about health, it is a little bit more that that. It includes today’s personal development, or in other words self improvement concepts like stress management, balance, or motivation. In today’s world, therefore, we cannot think health and wellbeing as if they are different concepts. There are a lot of personal wellbeing quotes that may inspire you but I am going to talk about a very exciting approach below.

Hauora Definition

After researching tons of personal development materials, I ended up with a very decent approach to personal being. It is called Hauora. The Hauora, is a philosophy of health and wellbeing unique to Maori people of New Zealand. The Hauora is composed of the four walls of a whare, each wall representing a different dimension. All four dimensions are necessary for strength and stability.

  • Taha tinana: Physical wellbeing (e.g. exercise and caring for the body)
  • Taha hinengaro: Mental and emotional wellbeing (e.g. constructive thoughts and feelings)
  • Taha whanau: Social wellbeing (e.g. family, belonging, caring)
  • Taha wairua: Spiritual wellbeing (e.g. meaning, and purpose in life)

While I am not an expert, I called myself a Hauora Tutor and started this blog to help people improve their personal health and wellbeing. The structure of the blog is built accordingly. However for the sake of clarity, I split up mental and emotional dimensions into different categories and add some additional content in blog sections. Let’s go ahead and improve our Hauora.