How To Change Bad Feelings

Are there people in your life who irritate or annoy you? Bosses, co-workers, friends, and there are even some family members can make you feel bad. Sometimes when you just think about a person who annoys you may start to feel bad. However, there is quick and easy way to change your bad feeling into a good one.

This technique can be used to help you deal with bad memories and cope with future events.1 For example, if someone told you something bad a while ago and you still remember the bad feeling, you can easily change how you feel about the bad experience you had with that person. You can also use this technique to better cope with possible future events where you may have to deal with an irritating person.

How to change a bad feeling into a more pleasant one

  1. Think about somebody who annoys you, intimidates you, or irritates you. Make an image of that person and see them look at you in whatever way they usually look at you when they irritate you. Hear them say whatever it is they say and notice the feeling that happens in your body.
  2. Place a clown’s nose on their face. Take this image and make it black and white. Move it far off into the distance and make it small, about the size of your big toe.
  3. Think of your favorite cartoon character. For example, Bugs Bunny, Donal Duck, Eric Cartman or any other character that you find funny. Go back to the tiny picture of the person who irritates you. Hear them say whatever it is they says, but hear them say it in your favorite cartoon character’s voice.
  4. Notice how you feel differently. You may begin to giggle or laugh out loud. Shift your attention to something else for a few moments. Now, think of that person again and notice how different your about them.


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