How to find out your objective in life ?

Exactly how do you find out your objective in life? I’m not discussing your career, your everyday duties, or even your long-term objectives. I mean the actual reason why you’re here at all.

Probably you’re a fairly nihilistic individual that doesn’t think you’ve got an objective and that life doesn’t have meaning. Doesn’t matter. Not thinking that you’ve got a motive won’t stop you actually from finding it. If you don’t think you actually have got a goal, you then more than likely won’t think what I’m saying anyway, but, what’s the danger of spending one hour just in case?

Story of Bruce…

Here’s a story regarding Bruce Lee which sets the phase for this small training. A master martial artist questioned Bruce to show him or her almost everything Bruce knew regarding fighting techinques. Bruce brought  a couple of cups, each full of fluid. “The first cup, ” said Bruce, “represents your entire understanding of fighting techinques. The other cup signifies all of my own expertise regarding fighting techinques. If you would like to fill up your cup with my own expertise, first you need to drain your cup of knowledge. ”

If you would like to find your true goal in lifetime, first you need to drain your mind of all false objectives you’ve been trained (including the concept that you may have no goal at all).

So how to find out your objective in life?

While there are lots of methods to discover this, here’s the one which is among the most basic that anybody can do. The more open you’re for this process, and also the more you expect it to be effective, the quicker it’ll meet your needs. However, not being open to that or simply having concerns over it or simply expecting it’s a completely idiotic and useless waste of energy won’t stop that from working if you stick to it — once again, that will probably take much longer to converge.

Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Take out a clean sheet of paper or simply open a word processor where you can type (I like the second option mainly because it’s faster).
  2. Write at the very top, “What is my own true objective in life? ”
  3. Write a response (any answer) that pops straight into your mind. It doesn’t need to be a whole phrase. A brief one is okay.
  4. Replicate step three till you write the response which makes you actually cry. This really is your objective in life.

That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a attorney or simply a worker or even a bodybuilder. For some folks this training will likely make sense. To other people it will probably seem to be absolutely ridiculous. Typically it will take 15-20 min’s to clear your own head of all the mess and then the social conditioning of what you believe your objective in life is. The fake responses can come from your head and your memory. However once the true response ultimately arrives, that will probably feel like it’s coming over to you actually from a different resource completely.

For those who are entrenched in low-awareness living, that will probably take considerably longer to get all of the fake responses out, probably a lot more than one hour. Yet if you continue, following 100 or simply 200 or maybe even 500 responses, you’ll end up being struck by the response that triggers you to definitely rise with feelings, the response that breaks you actually. If you’ve never done this, it might well appear ridiculous to you. Let it seem to be ridiculous, and get it done in any case.

While you move through this process, a number of your responses will be much the same. You can even re-list earlier responses. Then you may actually produce 10-20 more responses along other theme. And that’s ok. You may list whatsoever response pops straight into your head as you simply keep on writing.

Sooner or later throughout the process (typically after about fifty or a hundred answers), you might want to stop and can’t see it converging. You may feel the desire to get up and then make an excuse to do something different. That’s normal. Push past this level of resistance, and simply keep on writing. The idea of opposition will finally go away.

You might also find a number of responses that seem to provide you with a mini-surge of feelings, however they don’t make you cry — they’re just a little off. Highlight those responses while you go along, so that you can get back to them to make new mixtures. Each one demonstrates a bit of your goal, however individually they aren’t complete. When you begin having such responses, that simply implies you’re getting warm. Keep going.

It’s necessary to make this happen on your own and with no distractions. If you’re a nihilist, then feel free to start out with the response, “I don’t have a goal, ” or simply “Life is meaningless, ” and then get it from there. If you go on that, you’ll still finally converge.

My Experience

Whenever I did this exercise, it took me about 30 min’s, and I achieved my own ultimate response at stage 112. Partial pieces of the response (mini-surges) came out at steps 13, 41, and 64, and the majority of that fell into place and was refined thru steps 90-112. I felt the feeling of level of resistance (wanting to get up and then do something different, thinking the process to fail, feeling quite impatient and also irritated) close to steps 55-60. At stage 70 I took a 2-minute break to close my eyes, rest, clear my head, and to concentrate on the motive for the response to come to me — it proved to be helpful since the responses I received following this break started to have better quality.

Here was my own ultimate response: to live consciously and then courageously, to interact with love and empathy, to awaken the truly amazing spirits within other people, and to leave this planet in peace.

Once you discover your own personal unique response to the question of why you’re here, you’ll really feel it resonate along with you deeply. The words will probably appear to have a distinctive power  for you, and you’ll feel that power any time you read them.

The hard part

Finding your goal is the simple part. The tough part is preserving that along with yourself on a regular basis and working on yourself to the stage where you become that goal.

If you’re willing to question exactly why this small process is effective, simply put that question aside till after you’ve successfully accomplished it. As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll possibly have got your own personal response to exactly why that is effective. More than likely if you question 10 different people exactly why this is effective (people who’ve successfully accomplished it), you’ll get 10 different responses, all filtered thru their personal belief systems, and each will probably include its very own reflection of real truth.

Of course, this method won’t work if you stop before convergence. I would estimate that 80-90% of people need to achieve convergence within just one hour. If you’re quite entrenched within your beliefs and resistant to the process, it’s possible that it will take you a couple of sessions and around 3 hrs, however I think that such folks will simply stop early on (like within the very first 15 minutes) or simply won’t even try it in any way. Yet if you’re interested in reading this blog (and haven’t been willing to exclude it out of your life yet), then it’s uncertain that you actually fit into this group.

Just try it! Without doubt, you’ll understand one of two points: your objective in life or that you shouldn’t read this blog.

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