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Use Your Bodyweight for your Fitness

Physical exercise can hep you improve your health, relieve stress, reduce depression, provide a sense of accomplishment, and produce a “runner’s high”. Over the years I practiced mixed martial arts, went to the gym, trained with a personal fitness trainer, and took various exercise classes. Nowadays, I use my own bodyweight to maintain physical and […]

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Physical Wellbeing Hauora : Taha Tinana

Physical Wellbeing Hauora is basically our philosophy of physical health and well being on this blog. Taha Tinana is the Maori name for physical well being in New Zeland. Here is what I mean and I will elaborate this topic other relevant articles. What do you think is the most precious possession of us? Your car? Your business? Your home? If you are like a lot of other average people, you have probably answered the same way. Maybe you have even answered your love. While this may be true emotionally, truth is,our bodies are surely our most precious possessions because without them, we wouldn’t be here.

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Physical Fitness

Below are just a few frightening statistics about physical fitness:

Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day
Only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week
Only one in three children are physically active every day. (from
That’s a lot of people who ignore physical fitness, isn’t it? And yet most people completely ignore these statistics. They think there’s no need to take care of their body until something happens to their physical wellbeing. But just ask the %5 adults who do exercise everyday how healthy they feel, and they’ll tell you that physical fitness is a must. And they’ll also tell you the best thing you can do is to get started as soon as possible.

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What Is Physical Wellbeing? – Fitness or Wellbeing of the Body?

Lack of physical wellbeing is a growing problem for a growing amount of people today. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to suffer from it once you know how to balance yourself physical awareness. That’s what you’ll learn about in this article. Specifically, you’ll learn the definition of physical wellbeing and also find out relationship with other health areas like emotional and mental. Let’s dive into the topic.

You should know the difference between physical wellbeing and fitness since there is a misconception about it. Being well and being fit is entirely different and have exclusive conditions, but both are essential in maintaining vitality and health. A fitness counselor or licensed fitness instructor at a fitness club or local gym can test your fitness levels, while wellbeing is determined generally by optimum functioning of your immune systems.

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The Well-Being Star

The Well-Being Star   Posted on February 6th, 2013 Categories: Happiness, Psychology Well-being is a term that we use to describe the quality of our life, which includes wealth, environment, physical and mental health, education,leisure time, social belonging, and a sense of purpose in life. When you think about your own well-being, what comes to your […]

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