Dealing With Negative And Obsessive Thoughts

This is one of the easiest and very effective techniques that you can use to get rid of obsessive or negative thoughts. You can use it anytime you have a negative or an obsessive thought that you cannot control. This technique allows you to distort the cognitive process of a negative thought by changing how your problem is represented in your mind, you can change your reaction to it.

Please remember that this is not a universal technique to get rid of all your problems or negative thoughts. This is just a technique to help you deal with silly or negative thoughts which you know are not true. Serious problems or reoccurring thoughts require attention and counselling work.

  1. Quickly observe or play a movie of your problem. Determine the level of your discomfort on the 0-10 scale. Where 0 means it is not a problem at all and 10 means that it is a big problem.
  2. Watch it again in Black/White.
  3. Watch it again in Black/White and triple the speed of the movie. Watch it again inside-out. I am not sure how exactly your are going to do this, but your unconscious mind will find a way.
  4. Watch it again backwards.
  5. Watch it again upside down.
  6. Watch everything that is left on the screen in Oval Form.
  7. Look closer at movie and notice that the entire movie is playing in a toilet. Pull the handle and flush the toilet.
  8. Reset your mind. Shift your attention on something else. Look at your ceiling, your floor and your shoes. What is your license plate number?
  9. Check your results. Think of the situation again, what is your response on the 0-10 scale. It has probably decreased and what used to be negative is now not important enough to remember.

Credit (CC4): Ivan Staroversky –

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