Is Your Genius at Work? by Dick Richards

I read “Is Your Genius at Work? by Dick Richards?” by Dick Richards and I give it my highest recommendation. The book focuses on discovering your genius, the thing that you can do better than anyone else, then finding the way you are meant to apply your genius (purpose). I found the book enjoyable and very useful for answering some key questions I had about my genius. Actually, the book and some deep soul searching helped me discover my genius. My genius is “Creating Order”. And as I look back over my life, I see that this explains a lot of the things I have done. I still haven’t discovered the way I’m supposed to apply my genius in my life, but I have clues to keep me aware of its discovery.

Is your genius at work

Is Your Genius at Work?: 4 Key Questions to Ask Before Your Next Career Move

Is Your Genius at Work? by Dick Richards Review

What does “Creating Order” mean to me? It basically boils down to my ability to enter chaos and turn it around into an orderly environment. This has always been my key strength. I am extremely organized and disorder creates an emotion in me that drives me to create order. In addition, I have always been technically capable, everything from repairing automobiles, all terrain vehicles, lawn mowers to installing and maintaining cutting-edge computer networks. This genius has driven me to take things that were “out of order” and restore them back into order. Discovering this genius just felt so right. I felt like I learned something about myself at a very deep level. I knew it was right, and I was filled with a deep joy and excitement. I had many hits and misses but they never gave me that deep feeling of being right. I now know where I can be most useful in providing service to others.

The book guides you through a question and explanation process of its 4 key questions:

1. What is your genius?
2. Is your genius at work?
3. What is your purpose?
4. Is your genius on purpose?

The book includes multiple explanations and stories that will provide you clarity on discovering the answers to each of the questions. This is not always an easy process, but the way this book lays it out definitely makes the journey a lot simpler. I have spent a lot of time searching for this type of information in various other books and websites, but this book was the key in me finally discovering my genius and gaining a good grasp on what my purpose (also known as mission) might be.


This book was instrumental in me discovering my genius, and also provided some valuable clues and clarification on where I can realize my purpose. My purpose currently is “to serve and contribute by utilizing my genius for the highest good of all”. My aim in serving my purpose is to find a way to utilize my genius then increase the amount of contribution I can make with it. Although I don’t have any tangible benefits from this discovery yet, I know there will be as I search for more concrete ways to contribute with my genius.

I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it. It has definitely added positive value to my life.

Reviewed by J. Blakely

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